Building a website is no easy job especially if you're juggling and managing several sites all at the same time. Each provider have their own templates and style to suit our needs. All these website providers may come for free or may apply ceratin fees according to the services they provide.Competing with each other with regards to the price of their service and the much needed applications by business minded people all around the world. I had tried several sites over the years. I'd used Ebay, Artfire, Etsy, IOffer,, Wet, Jimdo and until now I'm still searching for the one that would fit my theme, budget and would require not too much inconveniences in uploading my photos & files , one that would provide a good  site builder  and one that would not constantly charge me fees . had started from scratch in last year but I'm now going to try moving it here in to give it a new taste of life. Why ? Jimdo provides great photos and galleries but they couldn't provide me with free cart connected to paypal which weebly offers for free. With Weebly, I can load unlimited no of items and they won't chanrge any commission on the sales I make too. So isn't that a good bargain ?

I have my Fingers crossed that  i made the right choice at this very moment. I'm not looking forward to moving to another site in the next 6 months or so . So i really really hope this site will not let me down .


    Hi everyone. I 'm Wicka , the sole owner & manager of this site. I was motivated in creating this site to help the poor, the weak, the hungry and the abused by giving part of the sales of the items to charitable institutions 
    catering to these poor human beings.


    April 2012